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Syria’s Brotherhood, Zionists, At Same French Table

Syria’s Brotherhood, Zionists, At Same French Table

A 2004 document handwritten by al-Bayanouni issued at the Muslim Brothers Advisory Committee in Syria: The Islamic Iraqi Party a mediator between the Americans and us….

By Nidal Hamadeh

A document dated back in 2004 and handwritten by al-Bayanouni issued at the Muslim Brothers Advisory Committee in Syria: The Islamic Iraqi Party a mediator between the Americans and us….

Ammar al-Kurbi, Head of the National Organization for Human Rights in Syria yet with an unknown business address nowadays, says in his Syrian protesting conversations and in his contesting organizational concern campaign against the Syrian protestor Rudwan Ziyadeh that the open American-Israeli contact with the Syrian opposition started at the International Federal Conference for Human Rights in Barcelona in 1998.

Al-Kurbi adds in his conversations with the Syrian protestors that the first person who responded to those Israeli contacts was Rudwan Ziyadeh, Head of Damascus Center for Human Rights Studies…

Al-Kurbi iterates an episode that happened to him with Ziyadeh in Barcelona where an Israeli man approached him and proposed cooperating in the field of peace in the Middle East, yet al-Kurbi did not welcome him. However, Rudwan Ziyadeh was delighted over the conversation with that Israeli; still he was rewarded for his standpoint by accepting his organization as member in the International Federal Organization for Human Rights; while al-Kurbi did not get this privilege which he felt sorry for and commented saying: "A matter of seconds could have changed my life."

Other Syrian protestors see that Ziyadeh got afterwards a scholarship to study in the U.S.A. through Cairo Center for Human Rights, and that he became one of the closest allies to Washington in the Syrian opposition. Nevertheless, al-Kurbi has recently joined the alliance through his attendance the Syrian Opposition Conference with the Zionists such as Bernard-Henry Lévy in Paris. This communication between the Syrian opposition abroad and the U.S.A. along with Israeli liaisons was not restricted to individuals or private groups but it included the Syrian Muslim Brothers Organization in the 90's of the past century through communications coordinated by Saudi Arabia with leaders in the Organization. That communication exchanged went on between the Muslim Brothers Movement and the U.S.A. till 2003 when the latter invaded Iraq; there rose the Islamic Iraqi Party, the political display for the Muslim Brothers in Iraq in the political process introducing itself as a mouthpiece for the Arab Sunnis particularly in the Iraqi authority after 2003.

In this line and what seems to be a start for a conflict among wings within the Syrian Muslim Brothers Movement, a document by Syrian opposition leaked in Europe invited the Syrian Muslim Brothers Movement to politically emulate the Islamic Party in Iraq and to study its experience in ruling in the shade of the American occupation; in addition, the document proposed several suggestions one of which was by the Islamic Iraqi Party which opens a gateway for communication with the Syrian Muslim Brothers Movement and Washington.

The writer of this document is Ali Sadr Eddin Al-Bayanouni, the General Director of the Syrian Muslim Brothers Organization, who says explaining to the Advisory Council of the Organization that the Iraqi Islamic Party is ready to open the door for communication and cooperation between the Organization and the stakeholders abroad and Washington; he also suggests that the Advisory Council of the Organization reproduce the method the Iraqi Islamic Party uses in exercising authority.

This document delivered by Syrian protestors and we refrain from publishing it in compliance with their request seems to have been leaked as a result to disagreement prevailing among the members of the Movement on the basis of Mulhim AL-Drubi's attendance representing the Movement at a meeting in Paris last week along with Zionists in France. The reluctance among a great number in the Movement cadres in the Syrian opposition abroad has been echoing against Al-Drubi's attendance at the above mentioned meeting.

To a distinctly greater extent, everyone knows and agrees that the current General Director Riyad Shakfah had been informed of that meeting and he had granted his approval of Al-Drubi's attending it. It was Riyad Al-Shakfah himself who assured it to Syrian protestors who had called him and wondered about that. Again, a cadre in the Movement who resides in Paris did confirm that Mulhim Al-Drubi had attended the meeting upon the approval of the Movement and its knowledge..

This hidden war has been expressed in the attempt of the Deputy General Director Mohammad Tayfoor to topple down the General Director Riyad Al-Shakfah by accusing him of committing errors which were in the interest of the regime. Such accusations can be found in documents and letters being leaked one of which is mentioned above, and it is merely a statement meant by whoever leaked it to respond to the previous General Director Ali Sadr Eddin Al-Bayanouni who had announced his objection to the meeting and that he was not in position to make a decision nowadays to prohibit such acts.

Furthermore, some cadres in the Syrian Muslim Brothers Movement who had rejected the Zionist interference in the Syrian affairs explain to other Syrians that the attendance of their representative took place upon a Qatari direct request in line with ongoing communication between officials in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France at rather lower ranking level and certain leaders in the Movement since the uprising in Syria. It is believed that the Qataris want to attain, through Bernard-Henry Lévy, to an official French recognition for the Movement in order to be a western negotiator within the Syrian opposition. Such a move depends on Bernard-Henry Lévy's previous experience in Libya…

The question remaining is whether the French-Qatari political pattern in Libya has what could be tempting!!!