25-05-2020 07:25 AM Jerusalem Timing

Geagea Convinced STL Indictment Accurate!

Geagea Convinced STL Indictment Accurate!

Lebanese Forces chief supports STL indictment

Despite its weakness and the absence of evidence, the indictment released by the so-called Special Tribunal for Lebanon someone to defend it.

It’s Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea who held a press conference on Saturday to reject solid arguments that the indictment was politicized, and claim that it contains ‘enough evidence’ to accuse those who were accused.

According to Geagea’s ‘logic’, the indictment is based on circumstantial evidence, documents and witness accounts. He ruled out the ability of Israel or the US to manipulate telecom data. Telecom uncovered 90% of Israeli spies, he said. “Had it (Israel) been able to control the telecom sector it would have protected its agents.”

The LF chief claimed that the evidence provided by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon prosecutor in the indictment draws question marks on the role of Hezbollah, Syria and Iran in former PM Rafiq Hariri’s February 2005 assassination.