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Saudi Sedition Plot for Lebanon, Horns Threatening: More to come!!

Saudi Sedition Plot for Lebanon, Horns Threatening: More to come!!

The “Henchmen” of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon were prepared to announce their support for the Saudi decision to stop what they called the “aid” to the Lebanese army

Zolfiqar Daher

Saudi, LebanonThe “Henchmen” of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon were prepared to announce their support for the Saudi decision to stop what they called the “aid” to the Lebanese army and security forces, or perhaps to justify the said decision taken by the Kingdom of “deception”. Some people, strangely enough, dealt with the issue as a matter of “currying favor with Saudi Arabia”, or “begging” and “kindly” asking it to reconsider its decision. Yet, others sent threatening messages to the Lebanese people residing in Saudi Arabia and in some of the so-called countries of the “Gulf Cooperation Council” (GCC).

A political figure claiming Saudi Arabia as his ally expressed his “total understanding of the decision of Saudi Arabia to halt its military aid to the Lebanese army”. “We hope that the leadership of the Kingdom will look at the suffering of Lebanon through the eyes of the elder brother”, he said. However, one of the “hawks” of the remaining “March 14” forces considered that the “Saudi decision is just a “little drop”, promising Lebanon that there is more yet to come”.

Moreover, a “March 14” member waived that the Lebanese people who work and “earn their living in Saudi Arabia” are at risk, because they do not support the Saudi political options. According to him, “Those policies will reflect on Lebanon more through what we are witnessing of the procedures and measures that threaten the core interests of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people who are spread in various Arab countries”.

For his part, a “March 14” minister frankly threatened the Lebanese people in the Gulf, when he said that “the worst news is represented in Saudi Arabia’s decision to conduct a comprehensive review of its relations with Lebanon, and the same goes for Emirate, Bahrain and the Gulf countries showing sympathy for it... Hence, we have to maintain our Arab relations, as well as the interest of the Lebanese expatriates, for they are considered the Lebanese economy’s main supporters...”

Why do they want Lebanon to be subject to Saudi domination?

What does it all mean? What is required of Lebanon today! Is it to turn Lebanon into an emirate dominated by Saudi Arabia and the Al-Saud family so as to please them in their decision-making corridors? Should the Lebanese people with all its classes be obedient to the king and the princes of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries in order to consider Lebanon a friendly country? What is the role of the sovereignty of Lebanon in issues related to such a scandalous control of its political decisions!! Why is Lebanon standing still when some are trying to suppress the viewpoints of its political parties or even to intervene in its internal and external positions, which their majorities are considered the duty of any sovereign country in the world?

We accept to see a certain political group, a Saudi ally in particular, refusing to take political positions against its ally or is facing in the media, meeting legal and moral restrictions, all those who criticize it. But, would this group accept to curry favor this much with the country that explicitly refused to provide the “aid” that it has once announced about, before almost three years?

Yet, is it accepted to find a Lebanese group threatening its compatriots living abroad with doom and destruction only for political reasons? Where are the rights of the Lebanese human being regarding all what is happening? Where is the national dignity? Would any of the commanders, ministers or leaders defending Saudi Arabia this way allow it to threaten their families and sons of being deported from a certain country for political reasons? Binding to which legal, ethical, or even religious standards are they accepting to hold the people responsible for actions or positions they have never carried out or adopted?

Why are some political parties who are “close allies of Riyadh” always working to show that the Lebanese people in Saudi Arabia or in other Gulf countries are second, third, or even tenth-class citizens and that they beg for their salaries and wages from the original people of the country as if they give charitable assistant to the Lebanese communities there? Here, it is worth emphasizing and reminding that those Lebanese people enjoy high-level competencies, are well educated, and do have work experiences. They work, they do not beg anyone, and they have contributed and are still contributing to the development of those countries in which they have been functioning. This comes thanks to their efforts for which they must be accredited and not excluded, and not thanks to those who have benefited from them, whose country has flourished because of their hard work and sweat that is being depreciated by the wealth holders in the Gulf.

Saudi sedition project and civil peace in Lebanon...

Saudi support terrorismAway from it all, what about the repercussions of the last Saudi position on Lebanon? What about the civil internal peace and coexistence in Lebanon? Why others should echo the Saudi positions “in an imitative manner”, support, back, and shout approval for it? Regardless of its backgrounds and consequences on the Lebanese national level, why have some people been dragged into this “sedition-trick” that will fool no one not even the “henchmen” of the Al-Saud family in Lebanon? Even though they know very well that what is going on is “sedition”, they are forced to approve and pave the way for it!! Isn’t the situation in Lebanon in need for their wise thinking more in approaching the issues? Doesn’t “Lebanon- the Taif Agreement”, which they always seek to implement, requires them to face the allies or friends, even the “blessing provider ones”, and to whisper in their ears that Lebanon’s interest necessitates so-and-so as required by the national unity, and that the interest of Lebanon should not necessarily be
as that of Saudi Arabia or be dedicated to what this or that young or old prince decides!!

In this regard, informed sources pointed to Al Manar Website that “the dreadful financial crisis faced by the Saudi Arabia as a result of its policies and due to the wars and conspiracies it is fighting and plotting in Yemen, Syria and in other countries is one of the reasons for taking the decision to stop supporting Lebanon”. The sources added that “the reason for this Saudi decision is the actual and real position of Riyadh not to fight against terrorism, including the step related to supporting the Lebanese army that is countering terrorism. This confirms that Saudi Arabia is unveiling its true face as a supporter and a sponsor of terrorism that refuses to fight against it”.

The sources highlighted the fact that “Saudi Arabia is trying to exploit this decision to provoke against the resistance and its allies in Lebanon’s internal policies and to seek through this to spread sedition among the Lebanese people”. According to them, “Saudi Arabia is trying to irritate the axis of resistance and is seeking to score points against it in any place or situation due to the huge losses it is facing in the region from Yemen to Syria”. Also, they stressed “the need not to follow the Saudi desire blindly that aims at provoking against a specific Lebanese group and at holding it responsible for the Saudi deception and failure”.

The sources called “Saudi Arabia to prove that it really loves Lebanon with deeds rather than words”, stressing that “Lebanon today desperately needs a weapon to counter the threat of terrorist groups. Hence, those who truly love the Lebanese people must stand by Lebanon to remove the risk of these groups”.

The sources wondered, “Is this decision in favor of Lebanon’s interest? Does this decision express the Saudi love to a people being targeted by terrorist groups with missiles and car bombs that keep on killing innocent people and kidnapping some elements of the army and security forces?”

They pointed out that “the true expression of love towards Lebanon would actually be through arming its army and security forces and not stalling for more than two years and then withdrawing the support decision”. According to them, “He who loves someone supports him in reality without asking for political positions from here or there as a condition and without using a Veto against some people and parties, arguing that they do not agree with the policy of the kingdom”.

If truth is to be said, the Saudi decision against Lebanon will not be the end of the world, because Lebanon is supported by many countries other than Saudi Arabia. Also, there are some other countries who show readiness to support it without pre-conditions or post-conditions and without adopting the policy of endlessly “owing it a big favor” in every occasion, as is the case with Saudi Arabia. Thus, is Saudi Arabia going to leave Lebanon alone to gain the support of other countries after it decided to stop supporting it? Perhaps the issue would remain limited to halting the “military aids” on the one hand, while refusing to allow Lebanon to gain the support of other parties on the other hand! This question is addressed to all the Lebanese politicians, especially those who defend the Saudi decision.

Translation by Mayssa Hazimeh

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