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Our Great Martyrs...Hallmark of Victory: Ahmad Qassir

Our Great Martyrs...Hallmark of Victory: Ahmad Qassir

The Prince of Self-sacrifice Martyrs

Martyr Ahmad Jaafar Qassir was born on the 4th of September, 1963 in the town of Der Qanoun Al-Nahr, on the first day of Al-Adha holiday. His parents were known for their deep commitment to the Islamic standards, so they raised Ahmad on the love of religion, faith, and commitment to high morals.

Ahmad was a quick-witted and mature kid. For instance, when he was only four years old when he used to rush and harvest the field if he knew that his father had any intention to do so.

The martyr was educated and loved reading even though he dropped out of school at a yound age.

He was completely committed, and the mosque was more like his home. He used to go there daily to pray, read the Quran, and the supplications.

Ahmad had high morals and was good company. He was pleasant with the poor and courageous. He used to loath the Israeli enemy and motivate people to fight it.

Ahmad also used to call upon them to tear all the permits they used to receive from the Israeli military officer’s headquarter that was in the South, considering it is a kind of acknowledging the enemy.

The martyr took part in various military operations against the Israeli enemy, with complete confidentiality. In addition, he helped in delivering arms to locations that were preparing for engaging in fights with the Israeli occupation.

On the 11th of November, 1982, the martyr took off in a white booby-trapped Peugeot towards the Israeli Governor’s headquarter in the southern shore-city of Tyr, which was one of the major immunization centers for the enemy in the South, broke into it, and detonated the car, in what was known as the first self-sacrifice operation; a preface for many similar operations later on.

The headquarter was torn down, the Israeli Intelligence chief, as well as the Military Governor, and a minimum of 141 occupation soldiers were killed and injured, according to the Israeli media. As much as 400 others were injured. 


Each One of Us Has a Role in the Path of the Great Islam

O brothers, you have to hold on to the course of the Great Imam Khomeini, the establisher of the state of Islam, because he is the right path of Islam.

O brother, if you find yourself lonely, and did not find a friend or a companion, refer to the Quran and read its verses, as they are the best companion.

O brother, don’t think that I am an individual, I am of no importance and of no effect on Islam, but rather say: Each one of us has a role and a significance in the path of the great Islam.