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And Tomorrow Is Another Day ...

And Tomorrow Is Another Day ...

Yesterday they arrived, today they declared determination, and tomorrow they will do it.

Yesterday they arrived .. today they declared determination.. and tomorrow they will do it..

Participants in the GMJ enter into the hall of Lebanese Press Association, Beirut; March 29, 2012Participants of the Global March to Jerusalem, those who came from far continents to support Palestine, announced today clearly that they are well determined to continue their path towards liberating the human of Palestine.

In the Lebanese Press Association headquarters, GMJ organizers held Thursday their last press conference before the promised event. Their entrance to the hall was completely different. It was an international enthusiasm that made us feel they wouldn’t return to their countries until the goal they came for is to be totally achieved.

Participants in the GMJ enter into the hall of Lebanese Press Association. Photos of Turkish martyrs of Mavi Marmara killed by the Zionist enemy appear in the scene, Beirut; March 29, 2012The scene was really an international demonstration launching a cry against the crimes committed by the Zionist entity in the occupied Palestine.

During the conference, AL-Manar Website exclusively met Keneth Stone, a French language professor from Canada and one of the GMJ organizers.  Stone expressed that Global March to Jerusalem is being organized “to stop the judiazation of Jerusalem and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, to protect the non-Jewish places of worship and open access to them to the people who are not Jewish and protect them from the so-called excavations.”

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Keneth Stone, one of the GMJ organizers from Canada

Talking to him, Stone stressed that basic motives of this march are to put the right of return for the Palestinians to their homes in Palestine into effect soon, “after the illegal criminal regime in Al-Quds has taken their lands and their farms.”

“He (the Zionist entity) is building settlements in the west bank every day, maintaining an illegal blockade of Gaza, Conducting extra legal assassinations, dispossessing Palestinians of their land and conducting a whole list of crimes,” Stone added.

Jewish rabbis participating in the GMJ conference, Beirut; March 29, 2012 All participants have expressed their solidarity with Palestine and its people, each by his/her own language. Jewish rabbis attending, mainly from Neturei Karta, have stressed their hostility to Zionism and condemnation of terrorism practiced by the Zionist occupation authorities against the Palestinians and Arabs in all the occupied Arab territories.

The participants coming from several countries, notably Canada, the United States, Malaysia, Iran, Bahrain, Turkey, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Russia, India and Greece have delivered short speeches in which they stressed the international and global solidarity with the cause of Palestine and its people oppressed by the enemy - the usurper, and called upon the Zionist enemy to leave the Palestinian territory.

Participants in the GMJ conference: Elsvar Aliyov from Azerbaijan (left) and Ozxan Memmedov from Russia (right)For his part, Elsvar Aliyov from Azerbaijan, told Al-Manar Website that “all crisis and problems of the world are caused by Israel. Israel is an absolute evil. We must help Palestinians to get rid of it.”

Asked whether he is afraid of the Zionist military readiness across the border with Lebanon in anticipation of Friday’s march, Aliyov answered with determination and persistence: “I wrote my will before coming to participate in the march. We have non-Muslim women within our delegation and they are not afraid. It is not possible to feel scared while being a Muslim and a student of Imam Hussein (AS)’s school.”

A Turkish Participant in the GMJ conference holding a banner of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenie talking about the rights of the peoplesOn the eve of Global March to Jerusalem, those free people of the world hope that the Palestinian people, with the help of good conscience people around the world of every religion and nationality and different political positions, will support the holy cause of Palestinian people and end the occupation.

After the conference, the international delegation went to Cemetery of Martyrs in Southern Beirut, where they put a wreath of flowers on the grave of the martyr Hajj Imad Mughniyah.