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Sayyed Nasrallah: Each Spot in Occupied Palestine is Our Target

Sayyed Nasrallah: Each Spot in Occupied Palestine is Our Target

Hezbollah Secretary General warned the Zionist entity that in case of any war with Lebanon, each part in the occupied Palestinian territories would be the resistance’s target, stressing his support to Syria with all its aspects

In a televised speech on the 10th of Muharram, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah warned the Zionist entity that in case of any war with Lebanon, each part in the occupied Palestinian territories would be the resistance's target, stressing his support to SySayyed Nasrallah addressing crowdsria with all its aspects.

His speech came after massive rallies took off from Sayyed Al-Shohadaa complex in Beirut's southern suburb on Sunday morning in a procession to commemorate the Karbala calamity that took place on the tenth day of Muharram year 61 (Hegira).

"Israel" Really Weaker than a Spider Web

While congratulating the resistance in Gaza with all its factions on the victory over the Zionist entity, Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out that what happened was "a real victory no matter how hard some mercenaries working for Israel tried to challenge it, as they did in July 2006 victory and Gaza's victory in 2009." His eminence appealed to Arab governments, even hopeless they'd listen, that Gaza and Palestine "do not only need you sympathy and visits, but need your weapons, money and real support. Gaza is worthy of all your support, because it made victory after another."

The S.G. stressed that through the recent confrontation in Gaza, "Israel" proved that it's really weaker than a spider web.
"When Iran supports the resistance movements, they are doing their job from their ideological and strategic position and are not waiting for anything in return," Sayyed Nasrallah said, warning from any attempts to let enemies become friends. "Some people in the Arab and Muslim world are trying to introduce Israel as a friend and Iran as an enemy, but Israel is not helping them because of its criminal and aggressive nature. I tell those people that all their schemes are doomed to fail."

"Day after day Arab and Islamic peoples witness that Iran is their friend and supporting them, this was confirmed during the recent confrontation in the Gaza Strip and earlier in Lebanon."

What Distinguishes the Bahraini Revolt is Its Peacefulness

Hezbollah's Secretary General renewed his support to Bahraini people and their peaceful revolution, calling upon the Bahraini authorities to respond to the just demands of the people who managed to keep conscious despite all the injustice and oppression against them. His eminence also addressed regional countries "who are preventing any solution in Bahrain, and saw that they are afraid these calls for reforms would shift to neighboring countries."

We are with Syria, All of Syria

Crowds at Al-Raya playground watching SayyedConcerning the Syrian crisis, Sayyed Nasrallah that Hezbollah is with every oppressed people in each country, but that we should not suspect in determining the oppressed. "The oppressed one in Syria now is all of Syria, all the people, army and all its existence, because Syria is targeted on more than one level," the S.G. said. "We said last year that there are legitimate rights in demanding reforms, and there are those who accept this right, today 'defending the oppressed' in Syria is through calling for an end to fighting and stopping the bloodshed and inorder to keep Syria united and let it recover before losing it."

We are for Dialogue, We'll flaunt if Anyone Becomes flaunted

The Secretary General of Hezbollah stressed on security, stability and civil peace and coexistence between all the components of the Lebanese people, and stressed that "all accusations against us are unfair, false and based on no evidence, but are just complements to the goals of the assassination." His eminence stressed that Hezbollah's only enemy is 'Israel' and has no enemies in Lebanon with any political party despite all differences.

"We believed and still believe that political dialogue and action are the only ways to solve the crises in Lebanon. We did not reject to sit for dialogue any day but we do not accept that anyone imposes conditions on us for dialogue or that he flaunts on us. I today say we are for dialogue, convergence and a political solution but we'll flaunt with anyone who is flaunted."

All of Occupied Palestine Under Our ControlSayyed Nasrallah on Ashoura

Sayyed Nasrallah revealed that the Islamic resistance is able to target the entire occupied territories, "from the Lebanese border to the Jordanese and to the Red Sea, from Kiryat Shmona to Eilat," adding that the time when Israel used to bully has ended, and "this dreadful Israel has gone."

"How would an enemy who was shaken with the few rockets that fell on Tel Aviv from Gaza bear thousands of rockets that will fall on Tel Aviv and other cities?" His eminence wondered.

This era's Yazeed is the U.S.-Zionist Scheme

"The Yazeed of this era and who we must face is the American-Zionist scheme which is threatening our people, dignity, religions and holy places. This confrontation will remain our absolute priority," the S.G. said. Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out to the offenses to the Prophet Mohammad "we have seen in the past months," saying that today (on the 10th of Muharram) "we are in the day to make sacrifices in defense of the Messenger of Allah, so we tell all the ones who offend our Prophet or mulling to do so that we are a nation that will not tolerate any offensive and we are ready to defend our Prophet and his dignity. And today we recall with Imam Hussein in defense to Prophet Mohammad and let the whole world hear our appeal: At your service O Messenger of Allah."

"As in every year on the tenth of Muharram we recall Imam Hussein's historic position and tell all the tyrants, corrupt and all those who are betting on our resolve: Disgrace, Never Ever," Sayyed Nasrallah ended up saying.