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New Arab-Israeli Battalion to Fight Hezbollah

New Arab-Israeli Battalion to Fight Hezbollah

The Zionist entity has recently formed an Arab battalion within its military ranks called ’Arabs of the Israeli army’ "Herev", particularly designed to fight Hezbollah in a future confrontation.

Zionist warsThe Zionist entity has recently formed an Arab battalion within its military ranks called 'Arabs of the Israeli army' dubbed as "Herev", particularly designed to fight Hezbollah in a future confrontation.

According to Syria Truth website, the Zionist army command revealed that officers of the new military unit are "Druze supporters of Walid Jumblatt and Wahhabi Bedouins known for their dogmatic hostility to the Shiites."

In this regard, the website recalls the statements of Muslim Brotherhood or Salafist leaders of the insurgence in Syria who showed affinities with the Zionist entity.

Syria: Khaled Khoja, member of the so-called Syrian National Coalition"Israel and the Sunni Muslims in Syria are in the same front against the Shiites, the Nasserists and the Majous who all have a joint project to eliminate the Jews," said a member of the so-called Syrian National Council (SNC) Khaled Khoja for the Zionist Channel 2, asking what he dubbed "Israel" to bomb Syria.

Regarding the battalion, the Zionist entity has sought to make a large propaganda and shed light on its recent maneuvers. This would reassure the Israeli public, which has not yet forgotten the heinous defeat its army suffered in the July 2006 war on Lebanon.

The unit commander, Shadi Abu Fares, told the Zionist army radio that the battalion has completed intensive training in the Syrian Golan Heights, revealing that the unit has developed new methods and tactics to fight the enemy in Lebanon as efficiently as possible."

Zionist entityt: Harov commander Shadi Abu Fares"Fighting in Lebanon requires a severe camouflage style, given the need to slow the advance of the troops on the ground", he stressed, adding that "new battle techniques and tactics adopted by the battalion operated recently are perfectly adapted to the fight against the systems supported by Hezbollah, including the use of long-rage heavy fire."

"We worked on tactics and techniques of the battlefield adopted by the Israeli army, including open and associated combat zones. We have applied them with suitable modifications to the real ground against Hezbollah, as the battalion has  rich experience, and we have a prior knowledge of what awaits us in the next war in Lebanon," he went on to say.

The Zionist radio has focused on what it considers the success of Herev while exercising its functions, noting that its troops have acquired operational experience, particularly during their task in Lebanon for many years.

"During the Second Lebanon War in 2006, it (Herev) was the first combat unit to cross the border into Lebanon, and the last to return. This is the reason behind the many medals of appreciation it gained," said the radio, knowing that the 2006 war on Lebanon was a major blow for the Zionist entity.

Zionist entity: maneuvers in GolanThe radio correspondent quoted the commander of the northern front, Colonel Sion Ertson, as saying that "Herev should teach all the Israeli army how to effectively fight against Hezbollah."

"The maneuvers were held in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights, lasting for three consecutive days, where tanks and armored vehicles participated," the reported said, focusing on the role of special engineering forces in opening roads to facilitate the infantry movement.

As for the fighting methods, the Zionist journalist pointed out that the exercises were based on intensive fire shooting and the use of artillery "to prevent the enemy to raise his head."

For his part, Abu Fares voiced that the military cannot note that Herev battalion is ready for all situations.

"After completing training missions, Herev should be deployed on the border with Lebanon. We will work to prevent the infiltration of any incursion from Lebanon. We will also maintain its defensive position and activate it. At the same time, we will conduct additional activities which we can not reveal their details," he said.

Zionist entity: Merkava tanks during July 2006 war on LebnaonMeanwhile, Ertson said "the changes in the region require us to be ready for war, but with the battalion Herev I'm much more confident than any other battalion in the IDF."

Maneuvers of Arabs in the Zionist army battalion attended by the commander of the northern region in the Zionist military General Yair Golan, and the brigade commander of the Galilee, Brigadier Hertsey Halevy.

Worthy to mention that the Zionist army has recently paved a new way at the northern border with Lebanon in an attempt to terrorize citizens and spread panic among them.

Since the 2006 July war on Lebanon, the Zionist entity has spared no chance to violate the Lebanese sovereignty in flagrant breaching of the UN resolution 1701.