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Sayyed Nasrallah: We, the Twelver Shia, Won’t Abandon Palestine

Sayyed Nasrallah: We, the Twelver Shia, Won’t Abandon Palestine

Hezbollah Secretary General said that the demise of Israel is a national interest, stressing that the “Shiite” Hezbollah will continue to bear its responsibilities towards the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah said on Friday that the demise of Israel is a national interest, stressing that the “Shiite” Hezbollah will continue to bear its responsibilities towards the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds.Sayyed Nasrallah

In a live speech before crowds marking the International Al-Quds Day in Dahiyeh, Sayyed Nasrallah paid tribute to late Imam Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who designated the last Friday in the holy month of Ramadan as Al-Quds Day, and said that people are in critical need to commemorate this day.

 “On the seventh of August 1979, meaning few months from the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini issued a statement calling on all vulnerable peoples in the world to consider as Al-Quds Day the last Friday of the month of Ramadan, and this call was confirmed by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,” Sayyed Nasrallah said. “The goal of this call was to remind Muslims and the world of the Palestinian cause and benefit from this occasion to mobilize energies in order to save Al-Quds and Palestine from the hands of the Zionists and to highlight what Palestine and its people are suffering from starvation, Judaization and siege,” He continued.

crowdsOn the second of August 2013, we desperately need to commemorate  the occasion, Sayyed Nasrallah said, pointing out that “Palestine which we are talking about is the whole of Palestine from the sea to the river, which should return fully to its people no one of the world's Sheikh or Sayyed or Prince nor King or President or a government to give up or abandon one grain of sand from the soil of Palestine, or a drop of its water, oil, or a piece of its land and does not have a mandate to do so.”

Demise of Israel a National Interest

“Imam Khomeini had described Israel accurately when he called it a cancerous tumor, and it is really a tumor that kills, the only solution is to eradicate it without giving it any opportunity or surrender and eradicate,” He said, emphasizing that “Israel represents a constant and enormous threat not only on Palestine and the Palestinians, this is an illusion and misinformation and ignorance. Israel is a threat to all peoples and countries of the region, with its security and sovereignty and he who deny this is an arrogant.”

“Some might think that the demise of Israel is a Palestinian interest, it’s rather a national interest of each country of the region, and it is a threat to Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, thus the disappearance of Israel is a national Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian and Lebanese interest,” He said.

The S.G. indicated that anyone who faces and resists the Zionist project anywhere in our region and the world is not only defending Palestine but also defending his homeland, his people and his own dignity and the future of his grandchildren and children, pointing out that the responsibility is comprehensive for every Palestinian and every Arab, Muslim, and Christian in the world because it’s a rightful cause, and the size of the liability may vary from people to another and from country to country, but it is the responsibility of the Palestinian people in the first hand.”

“Defending Al-Quds is the responsibility of everybody, the least responsibility we all bear and which we will be asked for in the Day of Judgment is to not recognize the Zionist entity and Israel’s legitimacy,” he said.

New Enemies Invented to Forget the Real Enemy

Sayyed NasrallahUnfortunately, Sayyed Nasrallah continued, some in the Arab world who are backed by the states and governments of the West are blocking and preventing this priority and are pushing peoples to endorse other priorities and are inventing new wars. “First they spoke of the communist expansion and Palestine was forgotten and they spent billions for that purpose. Then they invented the Iranian or Persian expansion and a war that cost billions was waged against Iran, all their military capabilities were mobilized against this 'enemy'. Had they spent only one tenth on Palestine, it would have been liberated.”

Conflicts Political, Not Sectarian

They then invented an enemy calling it the “Shiite expansion” and said the priority is confronting the Shiite threat because it poses a greater threat to the nation than the Zionist scheme, Sayyed Nasrallah said, warning that the sectarian strife weapon is the most destructive weapon in the region.

His Eminence said that what’s worse is that they gave some local conflicts a sectarian nature.

crowdsSayyed Nasrallah stressed that all people who sponsor the Takfiri trend across the Islamic world and push them to the battlefields and to committing murders bear the primary responsibility of destruction and serve the Zionist entity. “Is not it time for peoples to recognize that there is who aims at demolishing the region with its peoples and  armies and split it to Christians, Sunnites, Shiites, Druze, Ismaeli, Persians and Kurds?” His eminence wondered. “Unfortunately, we have no decision to point at the states that sponsor this destructive project which is the most dangerous project in the region.”

Sayyed Nasrallah considered that the conflict in Egypt is political, not sectarian, noting that in Libya and Yemen, there is an enormous political conflict. But in the countries of diversity, the political conflict become sectarian; this is what is being done.

Sayyed Nasrallah called on resolving the conflicts in each country via political dialogue and halting the bleeding starting from Syria, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and ending in Libya, because wherever these Takfiri groups exist, there will be calamities. “Hezbollah has always called on looking for the common things and postponing or organizing the discords, and we are in need of this methodology because some discords shake the economy and security, yet nowadays the discords have become destructive,” Sayyed Nasrallah pointed out. “There are some from the other trend who opened fire on all the so-called Islamic trend,” he said, wondering, “Whom does this serve? Where will this enormous anarchy lead? Efforts must be united to defeat this ripping, sabotage project for the sake of the entire nation.”

“We are committed to our constants and priorities that make our enemies antagonize us and sometimes our friends admonish, yet understand us.”

We, the Shiites, Won't Abandon Palestine

“Hezbollah will keep beside Palestine and the Palestinians, and we are after strong relations with all the Palestinian factions despite our differences regarding some Palestinian and Syrian issues. Al-Quds must unite us regardless of any jurisprudential, political, national, religious or ideological dispute,” the S.G. said.

Sayyed NasrallahThe Hezbollah leader thanked Iran and the Syrian Arab Republic for all what they provided for Palestine, al-Quds, and the resistance factions in Palestine and Syria.

“Hezbollah will keep the vigilant and alert resistance to protect Lebanon and its people and to confront the enemy’s greediness alongside with the Lebanese National army that we greet its leadership, officers, soldiers, and martyrs. We also have to mention Sayyed Moussa Sader who guided us to this right path, asking the new Libyan authorities to tackle this serious issue, with a sense of responsibility.”

“Nowadays, the sectarian incitement is being broadcast through media outlets, satellite channels, websites and social networks against the Shiites, and those who are backing and funding this trend are themselves backing some Shiites to carry out the same missions so that we witness the massacres and car bombs, especially in Iraq. This language was activated after the Syrian crisis so that the Shiites forget Palestine and start to hate Palestine and the Palestinians. Some forces want the Shiites to get out of the Arab-Israeli conflict, meaning that Iran has to get out of this conflict. They want us to reach this conclusion.”

Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the U.S., Zionist Entity, UK and all their tools, saying: On al-Quds Day, which is the last Friday of Holy Ramadan, we the twelver Shiites will not abandon Palestine, the Palestinian people and sanctities.”

“Hezbollah, the Islamic Shiite party, will not abandon Palestine, al-Quds, and the holy sites of the nation. We were born and arisen on bearing the responsibility of defending Palestine and Al-Quds. We - the Shiites- won't abandon this cause never ever. Describe us as rejectionists, describe us as terrorists, describe us as criminals, say whatever you want and keep killing us at every front, at the door of every mosque, we the Shiites of Ali bin Abi Taleb will not abandon Palestine,” Sayyed Nasrallah ended up saying.