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Short Arab Spring Caused Long Palestinian Winter, Resistance Will Restore Rights

Short Arab Spring Caused Long Palestinian Winter, Resistance Will Restore Rights

As the balance of power tends to be in the interest of the resistance, the Zionist entity will be forced to surrender before it restores the rights to their owners.

The Western imperialism, led by the British Empire, plotted in the beginning of the twentieth century to plant a loyal servant in the stAqsarategic Arab region. This conspiracy intersected with the ambitions of the Zionist movement to establish an entity which enables it to carry out its colonial policies. The Zionist-Western strength defeated the Arab weakness; as a result, Palestine has been living a 100-year tragedy because of the emergence of the illegitimate entity, Israel, over its territories. Yet the recent change of the balance of power in the interest of the Arab forces of resistance has forced and will always force the Zionist servant  to surrender before the nation's will.

Why Palestine?

In an interview with the British MP and political thinkerGeorge Galloway George Galloway, he said that Palestine was not the first choice of the Western-Zionist coalition to establish the unreal entity of Israel. He added that the Zionists were ready to accept anywhere to establish a state called Israel.

"The Zionist movement negotiated with the British empire over several countries, including Argentina, Seychelles, Uganda and others before settling in Palestine," Galloway said.

Despite the fabrication of the religious attributes of choosing Palestine to settle in it, Galloway asserted that the members of the Zionist movement were atheists and had no religious attachment with Palestine.

The British political thinker also emphasized that the Western choice of Palestine to establish the Zionist state over its territories is not in the context of a cultural or religious struggle because "it was not a Christian choice."

"The Christians believe in the prophets' teachings and in the values of peace and charity, yet the colonial policies of the Western regime aimed at controlling the natural resources in this important part of the world."


Since the Zionists invaded Palestine, they have carried out Zionisma consistent policy to alter the character of all the Palestinian cities and villages, especially Jerusalem.

Since 1948, the Zionist entity has sought to transform the physical and demographic landscape of Jerusalem to correspond with the Zionist vision. While much of this has been accomplished through the violent expulsion of Palestinians during the wars of 1948 and 1967, the Judaization of Jerusalem included the strategic extension of Jerusalem's municipal boundaJudaizationries, bureaucratic and legal restrictions on Palestinian land use, disenfranchisement of Jerusalem residents, the expansion of settlements in ‘Greater Jerusalem’, and the construction of the separation wall.

The British writer, who has always been against the Western-Zionist projects, noted that the historical home of Jaffa was also confiscated from the Palestinians and turned it to be like a 'Disneyland' for the extended Tel Aviv.

Zionist Settlements

The British MP George Galloway considered that the Zionist settlements, which have extended over the different Palestinian cities, pose a great danger against the Palestinian rights aZionist Settlementss "this disastrous case is directly linked to the cause of the Palestinian refugees who deploy in the different neighboring countries."

"The ongoing settlement projects complicate the possibility of reaching any solution for the Palestinian refugees because the Zionists built them, planning to use them forever."

"Regarding the Israelis, the evacuation or the destruction of the Zionist settlements is impossible."

Although the borders of the Zionist entity were restricted in 2000 after Hezbollah resistance liberated the Lebanese territories, limiting the ambitions of the Zionist entity to extend its borders; the Zionist settlements project will deprive the Palestinians from the their country's natural resources, including the land. This has allowed the Zionists to control a larger area of Palestine.

Peace Talks Lack Peace

The British MP George Galloway stressed that the peace talks between the Palestinian and the Israeli negotiators will never reach any considerable result.

"The resignation of the Palestinian delegationTalks to the peace talks proves that this political track is futile as the Zionist entity is not ready to  pay the price of peace which is justice."

The Palestinian negotiating team has resigned and decided not participate anymore in peace talks with the Israelis.

"Justice, which refers to granting the rights to their owners, is a prerequisite for the success of any peace talks," Galloway highlighted.

"The two-state solution cannot survive because the Palestinian state will be on 23% of the total area of Palestine. This will keep the Palestinian refugees out of their native land."

The British MP George Galloway said that Palestine must return to be the homeland of the followers of the divine religions, where all its citizens abide by law.

Arab Spring, Palestine Winter

As the path of Arab resistance has proved its efficiency in facing the Zionist project in the region, the Western imperialism decided to save its servant by stirring seditions in the Arab country in order to divert the Arab efforts and attention from their central cause of Palestine to internal struggles and conflicts.

This enabled the Israelis to escalate the aggressions against the Palestinians and to keep on the settlement construction projects.

The British writer, who has been supporting the Arab causes for decades, stated that most of the Arab governments have abandoned the Palestinian cause and moved to stir the sectarian seditions which serve the Zionist-Western projects.

"The claimed 'Arab Spring' in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria turned to be a long Palestinian winter."

"The Arabs must move into actions that dPalestinian Resistanceirect the efforts towards facing the Zionist tyranny."

Highlighting the Syrian crisis, the British MP George Galloway, who challenged a lot of Zionist-Western defamations, emphasized that the Western-Takfiri conspiracy against Syria has failed and that the axis of resistance is able to defeat the Zionist project in the Middle East.

The Iranian-Western nuclear agreement, the Syrian victory over the terrorist war against it and Hezbollah power grant the axis of resistance huge capabilities to resolve the war against the Zionist entity.

As the balance of power tends to be in the interest of the resistance, the Zionist entity will be forced to surrender before it restores the rights to their owners.