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Another Bahraini Crime: Rights Activist’s Jawbones Smashed Under Torture

Another Bahraini Crime: Rights Activist’s Jawbones Smashed Under Torture

Bahraini activist Nabil Rajab confirmed that human rights activist Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja’s jawbones were smashed by Bahraini police and is suffering four fractures in his face.

Bahraini human rights activist and former president of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights Abdul Hadi Al Khawaja was drastically beaten by the Bahraini authorities after being arrested in April.

"Al Khawaja’s jawbones were completely smashed and he is suffering from four fractures in his face; he is to undergo a mandibular bone graft (taken from his skull bones)", another Bahraini activist Nabil Rajab stated.

In an interview with Al Manar website, Rajab called upon the Bahrainis all over the world, specifically those living in European countries, to proceed with the lawsuits and use all possible judicial methods against the Bahraini regime.

Furthermore, the human rights activist clarified that “we are victims of our region, as sympathizing with any cause is influenced by the sectarian aspect… we are also victims of inconsistencies and interests of world powers that ally with Al khalifa (Bahrain ruling family) regime”.

This comes as the Bahraini regime has been executing brutal repressive policies against civilians since the protests began. The Bahraini security forces are breaking into houses, kidnapping men and women, arresting humanitarian and political activists, as well as opposition figures, and are imprisoning and torturing most of them.

Four political prisoners have been tortured to death; the last was funder of Al Wasat Bahraini newspaper and prominent businessman Karim Al Fakhrawi.

In addition, the Bahraini authorities have issued death sentences against four protestors who were accused of killing two policemen; an accusation denied by the young men’s lawyers.

On this topic, Rajab, who is currently prohibited from traveling abroad, expected that more death sentences will be issued against political detainees, and considered that “referring civilians to military tribunals and issuing death sentences against them are acts that contradict the bill of rights and are denied by Western countries, specifically the European Union that has ties with this regime”.