17-06-2021 09:17 AM Jerusalem Timing

Hezbollah Denounces Adliyeh Incidents

Hezbollah Denounces Adliyeh Incidents

Denouncing the disobedience of the Information Branch “militia” against the legitimate authority, Hezbollah issued the following statement..

Hezbollah issued a statement on Friday condemning the “disobedience” of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) Information Branch “militia,” a reference to the Thursday incident between ISF units and the Telecommunications Ministry.

“The serious and strange assault committed by the Information Branch in International Call Center building implies a high risk targeting Lebanon, undermining its institutions and emptying them of their constitutional and legal contents in favor of those who falsely raise the banner of the state, while already working on putting it down, breaking it into pieces, and marginalize it,” the statement said.

"After the reaction of some apparatus in terms of banning the competent minister of exercising his powers, we are doubt about the function behind the third telecom network?” Hezbollah added in his statement.

The party questioned the calls of the Western-backed March 14 parties for state-building.

“The anti-logic reactions of March 14 increase questions and make finding immediate answers a more urgent issue,” the statement said.

“While March 14 parties call for state-building, Thursday’s incident came as a knockdown to building a state in Lebanon; thus it became quite clear which party destroys the existence of the state, and which wants to build a real state.”

Hezbollah declared beliefs that “Lebanese people have the obsolete right to know facts, and relevant Lebanese authorities should shoulder responsibility and take measures” to resolve the situation.

Hezbollah also voiced support for Telecom Minister Charbel Nahhas to “implement the law,” and appreciated Baroud’s stance in this regard as well.