25-05-2024 04:43 AM Jerusalem Timing

PM Miqati: Indictments not Verdicts, Accusations Require Evidence

PM Miqati: Indictments not Verdicts, Accusations Require Evidence

PM Miqati stated that the government will hold responsibility and follow up indictment results. He the “painful” event, and assured priority Is for Unity.

Hours after handing over the indictment on PM Rafiq Hariri’s assassination to Lebanon General Prosecutor Said Mirza, and the leak of four Lebanese names to March 14 media, PM Najib Miqati held a press conference where he assured that “indictments are not verdicts, and accusations require solid evidence.”

PM Miqati announced the government’s stance on the indictment on Rafiq Hariri’s assassination, pointing out that “the government is taking its first steps in holding responsibility, and will follow up the post indictment stages including the required measures and results. It is committed to working on everything that would materialize the national will that ensures Lebanon’s immunity and strength.”

He emphasized that “loyalty to PM martyr Rafiq Hariri is by holding on to knowing the truth in order to carry out justice and preserve the national basics that the martyr was committed to in his life.  On top of that are the Lebanese unity and solidarity, the nation’s independence, and coexistence that has always been the core of Lebanon’s existence and continuity.”

After remembering the painful incidents that led to PM Rafiq Hariri and his companions’ death, as well as the series of assassinations that took place after that, PM Miqati said that Lebanon cooperated with the UN in order to investigate the crimes.

“However,” he added “consensus on uncovering the truth was immediately affected by the circumstances and measures that accompanied the international inquiry.”

“Today, we stand before a new fact that requires a rational and reasonable approach; we put our country’s higher interest, civil peace, national unity, and concern to know the truth above anything else.”

PM Miqati stressed that “we should act responsibly with the event. No matter what the source of these indictments is, these are not verdicts, and accusations require solid evidences that include no doubt. The accused is innocent until proven guilty.”

Head of the new Lebanese cabinet further addressed the Lebanese saying that “the martyr (referring to PM Rafiq Hariri) said “the country is above us all”. Let us be able to preserve Lebanon as our great martyr wanted, be confident that we will build the future together, protect the entity and unity together, and prove to those who bargained that the indictment will divide the Lebanese, that they made the wrong bargain… the victory will be for truth and justice, for the will of unity that is today in front of a new test. I’m full of confidence that we will succeed…”