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Saudi “Martyr” Required for One Million Riyals

Saudi “Martyr” Required for One Million Riyals

Whom will the Saudi journalist Dawood al-Shiryan insult this time by saying: "You have deceived our sons." You escaped punishment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria "but this time you will not escape"?

Israa al-Fass

Saudi journalist Dawwod al-Shiryan

Whom will the Saudi journalist Dawood al-Shiryan insult this time by saying: "You have deceived our sons." You escaped punishment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria "but this time you will not escape"? Will the journalist - one of Mohammad Bin Nayef's men - dare to say to the Saudi emirs: "You are traders of religion and strife"?

The call of the Saudi Mufti Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh for enforcing obliged recruitment for young people, which is the first of its kind in the Kingdom, almost does not fulfill its task to provide fighters for the Saud dynasty's war, which is seen by many observers as a war intended to resolve the conflicts within the royal family before anything else.

The Kingdom hired preachers and proposed offers and benefits to attract "martyrs" ready to die on behalf of the Saudi princes. In conjunction with the Saudi aggression on Yemen, media have been mobilized, preachers have been dedicated, and money has been allocated in a way that reveals the mentality of those seizing power in the kingdom, who think that buying lives is quite easy as buying consciousness, the trade in which Saudi Arabia has succeeded to some extent.

The Saudi ad demanding a Saudi martyr for one million riyalsOne million riyals for every "martyr"

In an action that clearly considers the Saudi people dumb, the Saudi media promote a so-called "Martyr System" voted on by the Saudi Shura Council, which "unifies the characteristics of the "martyrs of duty", facilitates their actions, preserves their rights, and ensures the necessary care for their parents after their death," according to reports by the Saudi Middle East newspaper.

In a catchy offer by the Kingdom to attract what it calls "martyrs," "one million Riyals is to be granted to the family of the martyr, his debts will be paid off, his parents will receive monthly salaries, and his sons will be employed."

According to Saudi media,  upon his "martyrdom", wives, sons, brothers, and siblings of the dead person will get jobs, as well as secure housing.

The credit of such motivations for committing murders on behalf of Saudi dynasty goes to a YouTube video entitled "Sample of the Decisive Storm against Yemen", showing a Saudi soldier declaring readiness to defend Salman bin Abdul Aziz had his debts been paid off.

Preachers on alert

The royal decision to discharge Abdul-Aziz Khoja from the ministry of information and culture in November 2014 as a result of his order to close the extremist "Wessal" TV channel surprising. Princes of the kingdom realize the effective role of the channel in mobilizing and inciting for wars that only serve the interests of Saudi princes.

Wessal channel, which is daily active in desecration terms employed in giving halo for the sectarian wars, posts on its screen a logo of Yemen map labeled "Decisive Storm", and enlisted programs for incitement and mobilization for the battle of killing one another in the name of religion.

Hate speeches are available to shed the blood of Muslims to serve battles of Saudi dynasty. Preachers (such as Salman al-Awda, Mohammad al-Arifi, Saad al-Breik, Adnan al-Aroor, and  Mohsen al-Awaji) whom were attacked by journalists in the Kingdom like Shiryan (inspired by the power) following the failure in Syria, are re-employed today and platforms are being opened via the Saudi channel to mobilize the masses in the battles of the ruling family.

Adnan al-Aroor, who was accused someday by Shiryan of deceiving the young people motivated to "jihad" in Syria, is being employed today to mobilize masses to kill the Yemeni people.

Saad al-Breik, who was also attacked by Shiryan, saluted the Saudi fighters, describing the aggression on Yemen as a "victory for the religion of Allah and obedience to the governor."

Moreover, al-Awaj appeared on Safa TV channel, similar to Wessal TV, and hailed the Saudi decision about launching a decisive storm.

Alike Wessal and Safa, Al Arabiya TV network started to employ fatwas of preachers, focusing on a fatwa of the so-called "Global Body of Muslim Scholars," which believes that the aggression on Yemen "means undoubtedly an obligatory and legitimate jihad, which Muslims are ought to ally themselves for it."

Pictures and videos of a number of Saudi "advocates of deceit" have been published as part of motivating to "jihad" in the battles waged by kingdom against Muslims. Social websites circulate photos of Mohamad al-Arifi on the front line firing projectiles with the help of the Saudi troops, saying: "Oh Allah, let it hit and kill."

It became clear that "traders of religion and strife", as had been called once a day by Shiryan on the Saudi mbc TV channel,  are agents of the real traders in the Saudi dynasty, who suspect that they can buy everything by money, including "martyrdom", after they succeeded in recruiting preachers and buying media consciousness.

Dawood al-Shiryan will keep silent today waiting for preachers to perform their job. Tomorrow, the Saudi kingdom is defeated, Shiryan will employ himself, by the vanquished, to come out again blaming the preachers, and repeating his famous quote: "This time you will not escape!"

Translated by Al-Manar English website