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Russian Caspian Missiles... What are the Messages and to whom?

Russian Caspian Missiles... What are the Messages and to whom?

It seems that the military operation Russia has launched against the terrorist groups in Syria began bearing results, as all indicators show the effectiveness of the major Russian strikes in such a global war taking place in Syria

Zoulfikar Daher

It seems that the military operation Russia has launched against the terrorist groups in Syria began bearing results, as all indicators show the effectiveness of the major Russian strikes in such a global war taking place in Syria.

strikesTargeting ISIL terrorist group's sites with Caliber cruise missiles launched from the Caspian Sea, and reaching its targets accurately in Syria, assured the Russian military readiness as well as their field abilities against terrorism, where the US and its elements have been operating in the region along the previous years to provide terrorism with the necessary cover to extend and spread all over Syria and Iraq.

It is the Russian announcement by its Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu that it destroyed until the moment some 40% of ISIL's infrastructure. This means that Russia has achieved within few days what the so-called "Anti-ISIL Coalition" led by Washington couldn't make within a whole year. So, what does it mean? What are the messages carried by the Russian involvement in Syria? And what are the messages of the missile launching operation from the Caspian, which crossed 1500 Kilometers before successfully reaching its targets in Syria?

For whom does Russia want to deliver such messages? Is it only the terrorist groups, or to the supporting regional and western countries as well? Are there any messages to address somebody inside Syria, or inside Russia?

Regarding all the above, Syrian Military and Strategic Expert Colonel Elias Ibrahim saw the Russian intervention in Syria and the missile launching operation from the Caspian has implicated so many messages and in all directions, some of which are:

- Messages to the US and the west: The Russian intervention helped hinder the American misguidance of fighting "ISIL" through the so-called "Anti-ISIL Coalition". It also said to the whole world that those who want to fight terrorism must cooperate with the government and the army in Syria.

Mr. Ibrahim noted that Russia made clear for the entire world that there is an American and western deception, and that the "Anti-ISIL Coalition" is just an American deceit and a western lie that aim at supporting terrorism and aiding "ISIL and its branches" to extend and spread rather than fighting terrorism. He also noted that "the evidence on the American and western deception is clear through the Russian successes, which within few days, destroyed more than 40% of ISIL's infrastructure. This also indicates Russia's effectiveness and insistence on confronting terrorism." Mr. Ibrahim asserted that "the path of military operations till the moment is positive, and that the Russian aerial coordination with the Syrian ground movements is bearing results that show significant advance on several axes, especially in the Hamah governorate."

- Messages to Turkey: By using power and intervention, Russia told Turkey that it is serious in standing by Syria and protecting it infinitely no matter how fierce the battles were. According to Colonel Ibrahim, "Russia asserted that it will put all its potential in the service of this goal; the evidence is using missiles from the Caspian. Russia wants to squash ISIL and remove it from the international equation, which asserts the Russian insistence on saving Syria."

Mr. Ibrahim considered that "Turkey understood the Russian message. Even if it appeared to oppose the Russian intervention, it still has interests with Russia and it will not sacrifice them for the sake of the terrorists or even for the sake of Saudi Arabia or Qatar. Turkey will keep in line with the Russians to gain their consent since Russia is a great country which would not be treated as an enemy in a way that threatens the Turkish national security... Turkey will be diplomatic and rational with the Russian stance."

- Messages to Saudi Arabia and Qatar: The same Russian message addressed to Turkey must have been delivered to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. However, due to their political unawareness and misunderstanding, as well as low mental understanding to the nature of the battle, they would not keep in line with the Russians in the beginning, before the Americans pressure them to stop supporting terrorism in Syria, which asserts that Qatar and Saudi Arabia are among the American tools in the region.

- Messages to Syria and the axis of resistance: Russia asserted for Syria and the axis of resistance that there must be reassurance about trusting the Syrian state's abilities as well as those of the axis of resistance. Squashing terrorism will happen soon and ending the terrorist Takfiri project isn't but a matter of time.

- Messages to the Russian inside: Russia's stance assured that the Russian people are aware enough because they realize very well the message of the Russian leadership that intervening in Syria saves the Russian strategic interests, protects the national security, defends the direct interests of the Russian people, protects international security and peacefulness, protects countries' sovereignty and prevents violating their sovereignty. It is as well necessary to squash terrorism.

- Messages to the Israeli enemy: Colonel Ibrahim noted that "Israel received the Russian message that Syria is a red line and it is no more acceptable to mess up with the Syrian security by targeting the Syrian lands or the Syrian airspace by Israeli planes in favor of the terrorist groups. Russia told Israel that the Russian aircraft's official airspace is all the Syrian airspace reaching the southern region that is forbidden for the Israeli aircraft, the same case for the Turkish aircraft in the north."

- Messages to Syria's allies in Asia: Mr. Ibrahim noted that "the Russian intervention delivered a message to Russia's and Syria's allies in Asia, which made North Korea announce its readiness to attack Turkey with nuclear weapon to support its allies in Russia and Syria and prevent breaking this friendly international power. This stance assures the solidarity in between those countries, those honest and honorable powers against the American Zionist Takfiri axis."

Colonel Ibrahim also added that "the Russian intervention and all the previous Syrian resistance will soon result progress on two fronts:

The first is a field military result through the field military progress on all Syrian lands.

The second is a diplomatic result that will be clear in western division on supporting Syria and its leadership, which will eventually result in more western and international support for approaching the Syrian state and looking for military and political cooperation with Syria to find a solution for the crisis."

Translated by: Zeinab Abdallah