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Our Great Martyrs...Hallmark of Victory: Mohammad Dimashq (Video)

Our Great Martyrs...Hallmark of Victory: Mohammad Dimashq (Video)

Mohammad: Martyrs give life to Society, like heart gives blood to arteries

Martyr Mohammad Youssef Dimashq

Mohammad Youssef Dimashq was born on the 1st of January, 1976, in Tebnin, which was adjacent to his family’s hometown Aita Al-Jabal.

He lived with his modest, religious, and struggling family in the South until the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, when the family was urged to move to the Southern Suburbs of Beirut.

It changed residence within the suburb various times, until it finally settled in Hay Al-Sellom, which Mohammad did not move out from, until he got married.

Mohammad Dimashq was full of life, faithful, and religiously committed. He was known for his long prostrations while performing prayers, and for his warm voice while reciting the Holy Quran and the supplications.

He was shy, loving, and compassionate. He never hesitated to serve and assist others. Yet, he had a strict, serious and leading character.

Martyr Mohammad was deeply passionate about Jihad, and the martyrdom of his older brother “Riyad” had left a great influence on his life, as he always considered him his ideal and role model. As a result, Mohammad dropped out of school and started working in the path of Jihad.

Martyr Mohammad, also known as “Jawad Aita”, chose to continue his brother’s path, and so he became a military field commander for the front location in Maroun Al-Ras.

He used to care about putting on neat military uniforms, and used to tell his companions: “From this point, the Israeli would see us in the best figure, holding the best arms, so that he knows that we love life but don’t fear death, and we love martyrdom.”

This is what actually happened during July war, Martyr Jawad was at his utmost happiness for he was going to achieve his dream.

In the Battlefield:

Mohammad was among the first Mujahedeen who engaged in clashes with the Israeli enemy. He announced destroying the first… second… third Israeli tank; and later on, he took part in an operation in which he broke into a house which Israeli soldiers were hiding in and killed them all.

On his way out from the house, he was shot with a bullet on his forehead by an Israeli sniper. He was instantly killed on the 21st of July, 2006.

His chaste body was seized by the Zionist army and moved to Occupied Palestine.

Two years later, during Al-Redwan exchange operation, Martyr Mohammad Dimashq’s body was returned to his homeland and buried in Aita Al-Jabal’s cemetery on the 19th of July, 2008, near his brother “Martyr Riyad”, as Mohammad mentioned in his will.