29-05-2024 09:39 PM Jerusalem Timing

Hezbollah Rejects Engaging Lebanon in "Suspicious" Saudi Coalition

Hezbollah Rejects Engaging Lebanon in

Hezbollah emphasized the absolute rejection to engage Lebanon in the "anti-terror" Saudi coalition, describing it as suspicious.

HezbollahHezbollah emphasized the absolute rejection to engage Lebanon in the "anti-terror" Saudi coalition, describing it as suspicious.

In a statement, the party maintained that Lebanon has been a  pioneer in the face of all forms of terrorism-whether the chronic Israeli or the emerging takfiri.

Hezbollah pointed out that the preliminary approval which was announced by the Lebanese PM Tammam Salam is a mere personal opinion which does not commit anyone, stressing that approving joining military alliances requires a legal and constitutional process in the government and the parliament.

"Hezbollah was surprised by the Saudi announcement which violated the Lebanese constitution and the  competent norms followed."

Suspicious Alliance

Hezbollah expressed deep suspicions regarding the intentions and objectives behind the announcement of the "anti-terror" Saudi coalition, considering that it reflects that KSA and other members decided that action in response to the impositions of the US administration that is seeking an Islamic army with a specific sectarian identity to face ISIL instead of sending its infantry troops to the region.

The statement added that the coalition was hastily and suspiciously formed, what raises the questions about the worthiness of KSA to lead an anti-terror alliance while it bears responsibility for the terrorist, radical thought and provides the terrorist groups across the world with the financial and military support.

"It is no secret that Saudi Arabia is involved in state terrorism in Yemen and supports the terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Yemen."

Other states that are members in the coalition supports the Saudi terrorist path, the statement noted.

"What is the nature of the terror that the coalition will fight? Who are convicted of this terror? Will the coalition fight the ongoing Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians and the regional peoples or it will face the resistance movements?" Hezbollah asked.