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Samir Kuntar: Either Victory or Martyrdom, At Your Service O Sayyed Nasrallah

Samir Kuntar: Either Victory or Martyrdom, At Your Service O Sayyed Nasrallah

Hereby is the will of martyr Mujahid Samir Kuntar, the “Dean of the freed detainees from the Israeli prisons”.

Hereby is the will of martyr Mujahid Samir Kuntar who was killed by Israeli strike on the Syrian city of Jaramana on Sunday. Kuntar was well-known as the “Dean of the freed detainees from the Israeli prisons”. He spent around 29 years in Israeli jails in occupied Palestine and was freed in a swap deal between Hezbollah and the Zionist entity in July 2008.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful,
“Sanction is given unto those who fight because they have been wronged; and Allah is indeed able to give them victory”.
Allah Most Mighty has told the truth.

Samir KuntarSince I chose the path of struggle and Jihad in a bid to lift the oppression against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, I was certain that the end of this path, which I have chosen with strong belief, will be either victory or martyrdom.

Since the all-out victory and the elimination of this Zionist entity need many sacrifices, and since the achievement of this goal requires longer years (of Jihad), then the victory is likely to be preceded by martyrdom.

And because I promised all the faithful that Palestine will be liberated and that I left Palestine only to return to it, I insisted to keep on this path, the path of Jihad and sacrifice, through its loftier aspects which is the armed struggle and weapon.

Allah has granted me the honor of being one of the Islamic Resistance men, my brothers who took the willful fight upon themselves and refused to bargain or surrender. And today, Allah granted me the honor of martyrdom which I ask him to accept it.

I go ahead with this path, and I am certain that this Jihad won’t be over and won’t turn away from its compass, Palestine. That won’t happen because Allah ennobled this resistance by leaders who provided us with trust, faith and victory, starting by the reviver of the contemporary Islamic Nahda (rise) Rouhullah Mousavi Khomeini, and his successor in holding the banner of righteousness, the Supreme Leader Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei and the leader of the Islamic resistance, his eminence Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah whom I thank with all my heart for his care since I was freed and until my martyrdom.

I thank him (Sayyed Nasrallah) for keeping his promise which led to my freedom.  I ask Allah to protect him for this Ummah (nation) and this courageous Islamic Resistance, because in these days, no one can replace this wise, charismatic, brave character of the Secretary General, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah.

I wish I have fulfilled my pledge to the martyrs of “Sincere Promise”, the people of Palestine and the resistance crowds in Lebanon, (the country) which stands for dignity, honor and steadfastness. I tell all the resistance lovers: my martyrdom and the martyrdom of any brother in this path on the hands of the Zionist enemy should promote you to keep on this way.

The enemy thinks that by killing us, the resistance would be dragged into a confrontation it (Israel) has chosen its time and place. In this context, I reassure the resistance lovers that the retaliation for our blood will be through sticking to this path, strengthening the resistance’s deterrence power and raising our readiness which guarantees victory against the Zionist enemy in any future war.

Conquering this enemy is the major retaliation for all the oppressed people. The resistance leadership, at the forefront of which is the Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, knows very well when, where and how it will respond to the enemy’s crimes. Meanwhile, the resistance’s trustworthy leadership knows how to avoid being dragged into a battle whose time and place are set by the enemy.

No one can doubt the resistance’s seriousness in this issue and no one can doubt that the blood of all its fighters is valuable. (Be sure that) The instant retaliation will take place only if it will secure a new achievement for the resistance and will keep it away from being dragged into battle set by the enemy.

The blood of our fighters is equal, our leadership is wise, and the past experiences have proven this. Let’s always call: At your service O Nasrallah. Our eyes are looking faraway… to the great goal… achieving Allah’s victory against our tyrant enemy.

May Allah guard you
Peace be upon you and Allah’s mercy and blessings
Your brother, Samir Kuntar

Translated by Marwa Haidar