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Zulfikar: I Won’t Return from Syria till Achieving either Martyrdom or Victory

Zulfikar: I Won’t Return from Syria till Achieving either Martyrdom or Victory

On July 28, 2015, Al-Manar Website posted an article about Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine who was fighting the terrorist groups in Syria and announcing clearly that he would not return home before either embracing martyrdom

On July 28, 2015, Al-Manar English Website posted an article about Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine who was fighting the terrorist groups in Syria and announcing clearly that he would not return home before either embracing martyrdom or achieving victory.

The article was initially published by the Lebanese daily, Al-Akhbar, before Al-Manar English Website translated and posted it.

Following is the full article:

The cMartyr Badreddineontinuation of the open-silent war between Hezbollah and the enemy is no longer limited to a consultation among the central states, like Israel, the US and some Western countries. It gradually became a practical cooperation which includes Arab states and services as well, and unfortunately some of the Lebanese.

In this issue, the matter is not restricted to one side, which is describing the jihadi commanders as terrorists, but extends to be a broadened pressure program that aims at destorting the images of those who are alive and the martyrs and at subjecting their close social environment or the slightly wider to behave in a different way regarding what is said or circulated about them, especially that this campaign reflects the role of professional parties that possess huge capabilities, but they conceal what is more dangerous than hostility: It is hatred which leads to blind fanaticism.

In this context were the speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah last Saturday and his long elaboration on what was recently released, including the US resolution or the new list which targets a number of Hezbollah jihadi commanders, imposing financial sanctions against them and confiscating their funds. They have also been circulating lies since several years that are related to commanders, personalities, cadres and officials from Hezbollah as it seems that whom they failed to assassinate physically, they work on assassinating them morally. Besides, there are specialized Israeli and intelligence websites that concentrate on Hezbollah mujahidin and commanders and throw personal, moral, financial and behavioral accusations at them. This comes in the context of the moral assassination of the leaders who have a history of jihad, sacrifices and major achievements after they failed to kill them physically.

What may be new is talking about the issue directly and about the most prominent of the targeted by this operation who is Hezbollah jihadi commander Mustafa Badreddine that has been playing his central role in the open confrontation of the Israeli Mossad and the US intelligence since 1982.  The enemy has tried, without stopping, to reach "Zulfikar". After he went out by force from the Kuwaiti government's jail, he resumed his jihadi work by leading the most sensitive security and military apparatus of the Resistance. Moreover, the Americans and the Israelis continued chasing him with the intention of assassinating and getting rid of him.

After the martyrdom of  Hajj Imad Moughnieh, the enemy, including all its Hebrew, Arab and Western sections, went out to announce that it is facing a new problem and that its existing goal is who has been the target all the time. The direct campaign on Badreddine has been renewed and invigorated since several years  after the enemy accused him of being behind the hugest security campaign launched by the Resistance against the US-Israeli spy networks in Lebanon, Syria and other places, as entire networks were destroyed and dozens of traitors were arrested.

Since the eruption of the crisis in Syria, a new stage of the confrontation started, based on the role of Badreddine in leading the Resistance groups which fight alongside with the Syrian army in several areas in Syria and in commanding a military and security feat which aims at not only frustrating the plans of the traditional enemies of Syria and the Resistance, but blowing direct strikes to the takfiri groups.

They accused him of assassinating the former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri as a campaign was launched to turn him to be a criminal chased officially all over the world. They also tried to harm him through well-known false witnesses and others who are thought by the International Tribunal to be confidential witnesses as well as those who think that they are anonymous. Those (witnesses) submitted testimonies and stories which not only serve the context of accusing him of murdering Hariri but also present him as an immoral or outlawed man.

In this period, the Israeli-US intelligence worked on that helped unfortunately by a Lebanese team that some of its members occupy official  and political posts. All those attempted to reach him either to assassinate or to kidnap him, but they failed. They also idly tried to uncover his work's mechanisms and the networks he leads against the Mossad agents and the trakfiri groups in Lebanon, Syria and farther.

Their campaign does not aim only at deforming the image of Badreddine before the public opinion but also at pushing him to react wrongly and under tension. However, Badreddine does not react to their reactions but just laughs at all what they circulate as the case of all Hezbollah Jihadi commanders.

Although Badreddine is absolutely away from the media and statements, those who work with him reiterate what he says, "My duty is to confront all their schemes, and I will not abandon my work neither in Lebanon, Syria nor in any other place except as a martyr or holding the flag of victory."