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N. Korea Leader Says Missile Test ’Greatest Success’

N. Korea Leader Says Missile Test ’Greatest Success’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un declared a submarine-launched missile test the "greatest success."

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un declared a submarine-launched missile test the "greatest success", state media said Thursday, as the UN weighed a condemnation of the launch which appears to advance Pyongyang's nuclear strike capability.

The US mainland and the Pacific are now "within the striking range" of the North's army, the official KCNA news agency reported Kim as saying after Wednesday's launch.

The missile was fired from a submarine submerged off the northeastern port of Sinpo on Wednesday, according to South Korea's military. It flew 500 kilometers (around 300 miles) towards Japan, far exceeding any previous sub-launched tests.

The UN Security Council met for two hours on Wednesday to discuss North Korea's latest move and agreed to consider a statement condemning the launch.

"There was a general sense of condemnation by most members of the council and therefore we will have to see how we would then be phrasing the press statement," said Ramlan bin Ibrahim from Malaysia, which currently holds the council's presidency.N. Korea Leader Says Missile Test 'Greatest Success'

However diplomats expected further haggling with China, Pyongyang's main ally, over the wording.

Earlier this month, North Korea fired a land-launched ballistic missile directly into Japanese-controlled waters for the first time, drawing an outraged response from Tokyo.

But the Security Council failed to condemn the move after China sought to include language in a statement opposing the THAAD missile defense system that the United States plans to deploy in South Korea.

Kim said the latest launch proved the North had joined the "front rank of the military powers fully equipped with nuclear attack capability".

Pyongyang's top newspaper Rodong Sinmun carried 24 photos of him observing the launch, including one with his hands on his hips roaring with laughter at an observation post, and other watching through a pair of binoculars.

"He appreciated the test-fire as the greatest success and victory," it said.