01-10-2022 12:26 AM Jerusalem Timing

Ahmedinejad: US Acts Out of Fear

Ahmedinejad: US Acts Out of Fear

Iran has alone stood against America, and alone defeated America, what if Egypt stands next to Iran? Then, America will have to withdraw from the entire region,” Ahmednijad tells the Egyptian Al-Akhbar newspaper.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad warned Monday against a military attack on Iran reiterating that his country’s atomic program was for peaceful usage, and on the US claims that Iran was planning to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in the United States, Ahmedinejad said: “Iran and the people of Iran’s thinking is far from executing such an operation, but the US always fabricates such schemes against Iran.”

“Those (America) published this fabrication to create a gap between the Saudis and us. American is the world’s greatest terrorist, and uses terrorism to achieve its goals… America fears a friendly relation between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and so we must make great efforts to strengthen our relations.” he added.

In an interview with the Egyptian Al-Akhbar newspaper Ahmedinejad further responded to the US and Israeli threats to attack Iran, clarifying that: “Iran's capabilities are increasing and it is progressing, and for that reason it has been able to compete in the world. Now Israel and the West, particularly America, fear Iran's capabilities and role… Therefore they are trying to gather international support for a military operation to stop (Iran's) role. The arrogant should know that Iran will not allow them to take any action against it."

“… Iran does not obtain a nuclear bomb but Israel does… it (Israel) is the evil that forms a threat to the whole region… all Iran seeks is a nuclear technology that it could make use of it peacefully and that is based on the non-proliferation treaty that Iran has signed on,” Ahmedinjead added, comparing the Zionist entity to “a kidney transplanted in a body that rejected it,” and reassuring that “it will collapse and its end will be near."

Regarding Turkey’s decision to deploy the Nato’s missile defense radars on its lands, Ahmedinejad said: “We are friends with Turkey and we have good relations with it. We believe that such a decision was imposed on the Turkish people and was a damage for their and the region’s benefits.”

On the Syrian level, the Iranian President stated that “authority seekers wish to harm the resistance, and Syria is considered one of the basic centers of resistance… the arrogant West is going further with its policy to make excuses to pose pressure on Syria and interfere in it. Iran has advised the government and the opposition in Syria to negotiate, agree, and reject foreign interference… we believe that all people and governments could put an end to problems by negotiating, and we are sure that the Syrian opposition and government have the power to solve any problem.”

When asked about the Egyptian-Iranian relations, Ahmedinejad told the state-owned paper that “the two countries should cooperate on the political, economic and cultural level, as this would reduce the American domination… cooperation between any two states raises the enemies’ concerns because they would be aware then that those two countries would prevent the enemies’ domination and control in the region.”

“Iran has alone stood against America, and alone defeated America, what if Egypt stands next to Iran? Then, America will have to withdraw from the entire region,” the Iranian president pointed out.

As for the American withdrawal from Iraq, Ahmedinejad assured that this was a victory for the Iraqi people and would lead to victory for the entire region that unites on rejecting the US and the Zionist entity.