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In This Way, Arab Satellites Will Announce Fall of Assad ..

In This Way, Arab Satellites Will Announce Fall of Assad ..

Changes happened in the region proved that media is no longer a channel to broadcast news, but it turned to be a news and stance maker station.

It is no longer worthy to describe media and information sector as the fourth power only. Changes happened in the region proved that media is no longer a channel to broadcast news, but it turned to be a news and stance maker station. It makes the act and its reaction.

Perhaps many did not conclude this fact only after the “Arab spring” events, where it became most obvious in the media lens targeting Syria. Satellite channels have sank in the news that Syrian official and private media described as fabricated. Programs were devoted to unmask the misinformation, which was supposed to invent news that would make the intentional regional and international stances, along with justifying the killings, looting and plunder not seen in this country ever before.

The "fabricated" news and videos were the first stage in the media plan for some Arab satellite channels. According to observers, those channels have so far succeeded to provide the material that provokes events in Syria, and pave the way for escalating international and regional stances against the Syrian regime.

According to Al-Manar Website sources, this period is expected to witness more escalated situation until the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, along with the increasing pressure on the Syrian regime to make concessions, in parallel with an escalation of the media in order to exert pressure on various actors which support or oppose Syria.

The sources indicated that the new stage will focus on morals; it will be the stage of psychological warfare. It is required to cause the psychological collapse of the Syrian street, which is still to this day strongly supporting the regime. In turn, opponents are required to be given charges of morale that strengthen their steadfastness in their battle against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The sources revealed that it has information of a plan under preparation by one of Arab satellite channels, which carry out the so-called mission of “misinformation, fabrication and mobilization” since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

The information added that the mentioned satellite channels are about to shoot new films in studios located in one of the Gulf capitals, designed to simulate the geographical and constructional nature of the Syrian capital of Damascus. Those fabricated films are to show scenes on targeting security and official sites, in order to create confusion within the Syrian street and spread rumors that the capital has become humiliated and easy targeted.

Other films will show targeted military posts, and large numbers of groups wearing a military uniform to announce their defection from the Syrian army. Other scenes will show some of those groups surrendering and delivering their weapons to the so-called "Free Syrian Army.”

According to the scenario, parties will cut the broadcast of Syrian satellite televisions or jam their transmission in order to prevent denial of the news broadcasted.

Technically, media experts confirm the possibility of filming such movies. "They can install any scene, they can take images of empty streets in the area, then install scenes of fighters or burnt buildings or others. It all as required by the scene," dr. Ismail Al-Amin told Al-Manar Website.

“Every image captured from the air has high possibility of fraud," he added.

Dr. Amin explained that in such films usually the focus is on the upper parts of scenes, because the installation process takes place on the ground level, where land is cleared and replaced by a street full of dead or demonstrators or other. This justifies why manipulators take scenes from the top to avoid the unmask of any manipulation.

Therefore, the next stage is that of political pressure, coincided with a fierce media war. Perhaps the U.S. – trying to get out of an eight-year setback in Iraq – could be able to achieve one winning card to present it before the public, who is exhausted by wars which did not result only in more disability and financial bankruptcy.


Israa al-Fass contributed to this report.