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Rabbi Weiss: Israel Is Rebellion against God

Rabbi Weiss: Israel Is Rebellion against God

Jews are the first enemy of Zionism: Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss to Al-Manar Website

As media plays the major role in our world today, the Zionist entity, that has major control over it, succeeded in deceiving the world for centuries, and fabricated a new “Jewish” religion that opposes every Torah order.

Don’t steal; it stole an entire land. Don’t kill; it waged deadly wars. Don’t oppress; it expelled, humiliated, displaced, and tyrannized every individual that stood in face of its scheme.

That is Israel in the eyes of every person who wants to see the truth, but this is also Israel in the eyes of Jews. Jews who follow and respect the Torah, and recognize that as God is compassionate He did not give orders to oppress His creation.

In an exclusive interview with Al-Manar Website, Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss explains the true Jewish point of view regarding Israel, and assures that the end of Israel is definite. 

How do you read the current Palestinian/Israeli situation?

The conflict between the Palestinian issue and the so-called state of Israel, which is the Zionist state, is totally wrongly understood, meaning that people think that this is a religious conflict between Jews and Arabs/ Jews and Muslims.

"Zionism is a transformation from the Jewish religion into nationalism or materialism"

The ideology of Israel is Zionism and Zionism is a transformation from the Jewish religion into nationalism or materialism. Judaism is religious observance to the Almighty, accepting his role, and following the teachings of Torah… so it comes out that Zionism is a rebellion against the Almighty and what he commanded the Jewish people; it is blasphemy, it tells the Jews to do something entirely different from what they are required to do.

Since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem thousands of years ago, the Jewish people were put under oath that we are not to go up in masses to try to return the holy land; secondly, we are not to rebel against any nation, so we are required to be loyal citizens in every country we are residing, Jews in the United States, Jews in Lebanon, Jews in the Islamic Republic of Iran, etc… of course not in the so called state of Israel, because it is a forbidden entity and an illegitimate state, but under the Palestinian people, we have to be loyal citizens; thirdly, do not make any attempt in exile. So therefore, for thousands of years the Jewish people have accepted this order from the Almighty, and never tried to establish their own entity, and Zionism came around a hundred years ago with its transformation into materialism to make a state that rebels against what we stated. This is forbidden for us even if it (the state) was not in an inhabited land, in other words, it is forbidden for the Jews to have one inch of their own sovereignty even if it was given to them or bought by them.

The establishment of a state in a land against the will of its people by subjugating and oppressing, like they have done in Palestine, from banishing and expelling people-and actually Jews oppose this of course – by establishing such a state against the will of the people, it just gets compounded, rebellious against God; it is a crime, because in the Torah which is our basis, we are not allowed to kill, steal, or oppress. Just like God is compassionate we have to be compassionate.

"They have taken all the Jewish identifications to give ore and legitimacy to their state"

So, Zionists in order to gain legitimacy for their state, they have hijacked and kidnapped the “Star of David” and the name “Israel”, because in the Torah, Jacob, the father of the Jewish people, his name was Israel. They have taken all the Jewish symbols and identifications in order to give ore and legitimacy to their state, when according to the Jews it is illegitimate and a total crime.

How do Israel and the Zionist Rabbis hide, or ignore this Torah truth and permit the killing and oppression of other people?

First of all, we have to always express that the truth defied logic on how they (Zionists) were able to gain legitimacy both in the international arena and among Jews in order to be able to establish the state. This subject was studied well, and many documents about this could be found on nkusa.org.

Chief Rabbi in Palestine Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky

One of the documents was given by the chief rabbi of Palestine – when we say the chief rabbi of Palestine we don’t mean the Israeli rabbinate because that is all farce and these rabbis don’t have legitimacy – the truth is that there was rabbinical courts and a chief rabbi in Palestine, and this rabbinate called “Eidah Chareidis” still exists until today and does not recognize the right of existence of the State of Israel, and in July 16, 1947, the chief rabbi at that time Yosef Tzvi Dushinsky handed a document to the United Nations and it said: “…  We furthermore wish to express our definite opposition to a Jewish state in any part of Palestine...”

What happened is that Zionists who are trickery and as I said have hijacked the identity of Judaism have presented themselves to the world as if they represent Judaism. However, the more the religious, the more anti-Zionist, and we feel the sufferings of the Palestinian people… we have been demonstrating daily in the streets of Jerusalem and around the world against the existence of the state and all the crimes that emanate from it, and we have been arrested, thrown into jails, and sometimes killed because of that. In fact, probably the first martyr was a Jewish fellow, his name was Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan and he was murdered because he was a diplomat and was going to present to the English government the view of rabbis when the Zionists were coming

Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan

up at the beginning of the20th century. In 1924 he visited Palestine and said “I am going back to Europe to reveal to the world the false representation of Jews,” and so the Zionists shot and assassinated him. Since then, many leaders of the Jewish people who spoke out got murdered, assassinated, and this is until today, we just had one of the great leaders, his name was Rabbi Moshe Hirsch who passed away a year ago after acid was thrown on his face.

Still unfortunately you would find Jews, who support Israel, and these are fooled… The Zionists have counted on the ignorance of the masses, because the vast majority of the Jews do not follow the Torah because they were sent into exile.

Yet there were Jews who did not fall into this trap, and so they (the Zionists) started using this concept “Jews are being murdered by the anti-Semites,” and here we are not talking about anti-Semitism that was created by Zionism, but the anti-Semitism that was present in Russia and Europe against Jews who were simply practicing Judaism and were good people. And so, when Hitler came and it became a terrible massacre and destruction hit the Jewish community, they started using it.

Many Jews were manipulated by the Zionists that gave Jews the right to go to Palestine and told them “see these Arabs and the Palestinians, they want to kill you, they hate you, they are a continuation of the Nazis,” and till today they talk to the religious Jews and say “we know you are not allowed to have a state, we are not telling you to accept us because we are Zionists, but to have your entity, but if you don’t stand with us on this state, the Arabs will murder you,” and they repeat this constantly.

They use these different frauds to be able to have control and backing even by the religious Jews. While the Torah says that we have to be thankful and that we are required to express our gratitude for good treatment.

It is the press, which is manipulated by Zionists, run by Zionists, and owned by Zionists that only portray the Zionist side of things and totally ignore the view or voice of the truly religious that is out there in the world.

How do you read the Israeli Situation today? Do you see any close end to the occupying State of Israel?

We believe in God and follow the Torah, and so we truly believe that the Almighty rules the world and nothing could be done without his will.

"Israel is a rebellion against God, we know it definitely will end, it cannot have a future"

In the Torah God says to the world “why are you defying the words of God? You will not be successful.” Therefore, as the state of Israel is clearly a rebellion against God, we know that it definitely will end, it cannot have a future.

We pray to God that this happens easily, because we don’t know how much more suffering it will bring to all human beings.

"If this is God’s miracle how come people are dying?”

I would like to point out that since its (the state of Israel) existence people have looked at it as a miracle or as God’s will because of its power, but the Chief Rabbi of Palestine Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum who moved  to New York after the occupation, where he created a tremendous community and spoke against the state of Israel and about these “miracles” said “what miracles” and showed how false these are while assuring that God does not in any way support this state as its power is from Satan because it is a forbidden entity, and asked “if this is God’s miracle how come people are dying?”.

Moreover, we see that not 10 years have passed since its existence without having a major war, and this is not the will of God.

Do you think that all the actions and movements you are making are affective and will bring the end of the State of Israel closer?

We believe that we are required to take action, and whether we can accomplish or not accomplish is not for us. We are required to speak out to the world against this terrible crime against the Almighty and His creation, and accomplishment is in the hands of God. Now what we can do is to let the world know and be aware about the Zionist propaganda and people are starting to recognize the real victims that are the Palestinians and the people of Gaza.

Do you think that the Jewish community around the world is responding to your efforts and that its support to the Zionist entity is decreasing?

 "The Zionists want to create enemies to have an excuse for their existence"

There are Jews who were brainwashed by the Zionist propaganda with its control over the media, but now there is the alternative media such as the internet and different news outlets, which are educating people, so we are able to reach tens of thousands of Jews.

We have received many mails about Jews who changed their views, and the same thing goes for the Arab and Muslim worlds. The Zionists want to create enemies to have an excuse for their existence. However, the Arab and Muslim worlds, thank God, now get to see the truth.

Did Israeli citizens ever regret this identity after being influenced by the true Jewish teachings?

"People are frustrated, embarrassed and humiliated because of the crimes done by Israel"

Yes, we have this constantly. We receive emails where people tell us they are frustrated, and that they are embarrassed and humiliated because they see the crimes done by Israel. They tell us that they thought this was right and then they became aware that this was not right, and they have changed. This is an ongoing happening. And as I have said there are people in the Arab and Muslim worlds who call us and tell us that they apologize because they had this hate for Jews for years since they thought that they supported the oppression of the Palestinian people. We had this constantly, yet we hope to see it in greater numbers.

Regarding the US policies in the Middle East and its complete bias to Israel, do u stand against these US policies?

Of course we oppose, and have opposed and stood up against them at the United Nations. You can see that on nkusa.org. Since the existence of the so called State of Israel we have been demonstrating, since I was a child I used to go with tens of thousands of Jews and protest against this in the United Nations, outside it, and near the white house. We’ve demonstrated against this terrible tragedy that America supports Israel.

We, as American citizens, respect our presidents but we try to send them a message and tell them that they are being fooled by Zionists, and that the Arab and Muslim peoples have constantly been our friends and have hosted us.

"AIPAC pressures political leaders: if you speak out you are committing political suicide"

We tell them that what they are doing is not helping or protecting the Jews, it is actually creating more hate and more bloodshed. Supporting the Israeli occupation is not the way for helping the Jewish people. We tell the Jewish people the same thing; that what you are doing in terms of oppressing the Palestinians will bring excessive hate.

We do our best, but they (the American Administration) cannot meet with us or respond to us because they are under so much pressure from the Zionist program. The Zionists have tremendous power in the US as well as in Europe, they also have the AIPAC which puts tremendous pressure on every political leader, and points to them that if they speak out and show that they understand the view of the religious Jews that oppose Zionism, or show too much sympathy with the Palestinian people then they are committing political suicide; while on the contrary if they speak out they have to show support and respect to Israel.

But we know that with what we are doing behind the scenes, they see us. When they do the AIPAC meeting we have a group of people that stand up and do demonstrations, and show them that there is another side to the point and that true Judaism oppose the existence of the Israeli occupation.