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War Memories: No More Iffs.. Israelis, You Are STUCK !!

War Memories: No More Iffs.. Israelis, You Are STUCK !!

While Zionist warplanes pound the Lebanese land, Hezbollah has its own surprises.

For 3 days Zionist warplanes had been pounding all of Lebanon’s land, for the lame excuses that the Lebanese Resistance of Hezbollah was successful in abducting two Israeli soldiers.  Hezbollah had warned everyone for many months and at several occasions that it is in the process of planning to capture Israeli soldiers in order to exchange them with Lebanese prisoners.

However, the problem is that the well planned “adventure” did not go as smoothly and as expected, and it resulted in the destruction of two Israeli tanks and many Israeli deaths.

Apparently, Ehud Olmert was not – at that stage - in the mood of negotiating with Hezbollah for the mutual release of prisoners as former PM Sharon had done the year before.


Israel has the total backing of George W Bush to punish Lebanon with extreme vengeance for failing to promptly satisfying his strategic plans in the Greater Middle East.

On the third day of July war, the Zionist beast became more brutal, spreading its poisonous hatred over the whole Lebanese territories; starting from southern suburb of Beirut (Dahye), where warplanes bombed the security square of Haret Hreik, hitting al-Noor Radio headquarter, demolishing buildings, killing civilians and targeting every single sign that might point out to any presence of the Resistance.

Beirut international airport had its share as well. Flames rose from its buildings and runways. Flights were transferred to Amman airport.

Moving to the south of Lebanon, the view was not that different. Bridges of Owali, Damour, Ein-Arab and February 6th were completely destructed. Zionist air force raided over most of the Lebanon’s southern cities and villages, targeting civilians and infrastructures.

Enemy warplanes bombed northern Lebanon, throwing projectiles and heat balloons over the regions of Mdairej, Dahr-el-Baidar, , Akkar, al-Assi bridge in the city of Hermel, Hemmana Heights, Kfar Zabad, Qaa-Homs international highway, Damascus-Beirut international highway and many other vital points.

 Zionist leaflets during July war 2006.

Zionist aircrafts threw leaflets over Lebanon’s land threatening to doom and gloom, along with Israeli foreign minister threatening – from the Occupied Territories - to assassinate Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.
Lebanese Ministry of Health declared the death of 65 citizens along with 195 injured during that day. Electricity stations in north and south were hit. At the end of the day, Leban’on’ suddenly turned to be Leban’off’.

Yet, Israeli entity was hit by Hezbollah in retaliation for the Israeli attacks on Lebanon. Israel’s guns and jet fighter planes mercilessly kill innocent Lebanese civilians by the dozens and destroy scarce Lebanese infrastructure, and, in return, its residents get a taste of the pains of war...


"We are going to the Open War .."

For its part, Hezbollah threw its long-range missiles over Miron military site northern Occupied Palestine, killing two soldiers. Other rockets were thrown over the regions of Safad, Kliot, Karmil, Hatsour, Kiryat Shmoneh and on artillery batteries in Zaoura in the Golan Heights.

An Israeli military source announced that 100 rockets were thrown from Lebanon over the southern Occupied Territories. 44 Zionists were taken into hospital.

Radio of Israel admitted the “violent response of Hezbollah” over the northern settlements. Israeli channel fears of Hezbollah targeting facilities containing dangerous substances in Haifa and the neighboring cities.

Olmert ordered his troops to continue attacking Lebanon, where Zionist authorities called upon residents of Haifa to go down to shelters.

On the same day, Hezbollah’s second surprise was put in action. Mujahedeen pounded the city of Naharaya along with a secret military headquarter near Haifa by their long-range missiles.

Moreover, Resistance barrage of rockets targeted the convoy of Zionist interior minister in the town of Safad. Hezbollah vows more surprises.


On Saturday’s night, July 15, 2006, Sayyed Nasrallah declared in a phone call broadcast on Al-Manar Channel that the battle was no longer a battle for exchanging prisoners, but a battle of accountability against the Lebanese state, people, regions, army and Resistance in retaliation for 25 May 2000.

“Our rockets will reach Haifa, beyond Haifa, and far beyond Haifa. Not only our homes will be destructed. Not only our people will be displaced. We are going to the open war. Look now at this moment to the Lebanese sea, where the Israeli warship which attacked our people … is blown, and will sink with dozens of Zionist soldiers,” his eminence said.

For the first time since the beginning of the war on Lebanon, Sayyed Nasrallah promised victory “by God’s Will.”

Zionist authorities admitted the assault on Saer warship, where 4 soldiers at least declared lost.

And tomorrow is another day…