24-09-2023 11:43 PM Jerusalem Timing

“Syrian Human Rights Front is EU-Funded Fraud”

“Syrian Human Rights Front is EU-Funded Fraud”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has long ago been exposed as an absurd propaganda front operated by Rami Abdul Rahman out of his house in England’s countryside.

Syria: Rami Abdul Rahman, Syrian Observatory for Human RightsThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has long ago been exposed as an absurd propaganda front operated by Rami Abdul Rahman out of his house in England's countryside, international media reports revealed.

According to a December 2011 Reuters article titled, "Coventry - an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist," Abdul Rahman admits he is a member of the so-called "Syrian opposition" and seeks the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad:

“After three short spells in prison in Syria for pro-democracy activism, Abdulrahman came to Britain in 2000 fearing a longer, fourth jail term,” the article stated.

"I came to Britain the day Hafez al-Assad died, and I'll return when Bashar al-Assad goes," Abdulrahman said in the story, referring to Bashar's father and predecessor Hafez, also an autocrat.

One could not find a more unreliable, compromised and biased source of information, yet for the past two years, his "Observatory" has served as the sole source of information for the endless torrent of propaganda emanating from the Western media. Perhaps worst of all, is that the United Nations uses this compromised, absurdly overt source of propaganda as the basis for its various reports - at least, that is what the New York Times now claims in its recent article, "A Very Busy Man behind the Syrian Civil War’s Casualty Count."

The NYT piece pointed out that “military analysts in Washington follow its body counts of Syrian and rebel soldiers to gauge the course of the war. The United Nations and human rights organizations scour its descriptions of civilian killings for evidence in possible war crimes trials.”

Yet, despite its central role in the conflict, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” is virtually a one-man band. Its founder, Rami Abdul Rahman, 42, who fled Syria 13 years ago, operates out of a semidetached red-brick house on an ordinary residential street in this industrial city [Coventry, England].

The New York Times also for the first time revealed that Abdul Rahman's operation is indeed funded by the European Union and a "European country" he refuses to identify.

“Money from two dress shops covers his minimal needs for reporting on the conflict, along with small subsidies from the European Union and one European country that he declines to identify,” the report said.

And while Abdul Rahman refused to identify the "European country," media reports stated that it is beyond doubt that it is the United Kingdom itself - as Abdul Rahman has direct access to the Foreign Secretary William Hague, who he has been documented meeting in person on multiple occasions at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London.

The NYT in fact unfolded that it was the British government that first relocated Abdul Rahman to Coventry, England after he fled Syria over a decade ago because of his anti-government activities:

“When two associates were arrested in 2000, he fled the country, paying a human trafficker to smuggle him into England. The government resettled him in Coventry, where he decided. He liked the slow pace,” it said.

“Abdul Rahman is not a human rights activist. He is a paid propagandist,” media reports added.

Unlike in Iraq and Libya, the West has failed categorically to launch military intervention in Syria, and even its covert war has begun to unravel as the public becomes increasingly aware that the so-called "pro-democracy rebels" the West has been arming for years are in fact groups of extremists fighting under the banner of Al Qaeda.